Millia (Me-lah) Promotional Services (MPS) was established in 2013 as a federally recognized public 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. MPS staff consist of highly motivated, skilled professionals who is well-trained Support Specialists, Certified Peer Support Specialist, Social Workers, Psychologist, Teachers, interns, and volunteers to deliver precise services tailored to each participant needs.

We are the only known minority vendor with Arizona Department of Economic Security Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA). We now offer Division of Developmental Disability (DDD) and Social Security Administration-Ticket-To-Work Services.

Division of Developmental Disability (DDD) 

  • Employment Support Aid (ESA)- This service provides members with the one-to-one supports needed for the member to remain in his/her employment. 

  • Group Supported Employment (GSE)- A service that provides long-term, ongoing support services for an employed individual. 

  • Individual Supported Employment (ISE)- A service that provides job development, assistance in matching the individual with an integrated competitive job and intensive time-limited supports to an employed individual once placed. 

  • Transition To Employment (TTE)- A service that provides training in the meaning, value and demands of work and in the development of positive attitudes toward work. 

  • Transportation Employment Related (TRE)- A service that provides or assists in obtaining various types of transportation for specific needs to fulfill a mandatory obligation in the member’s planning document [e.g., Individual Support Plan (“ISP”)].

Social Security Administration-Ticket-To-Work Program

  • Career Planning- Assist the beneficiary in planning and developing individual career goals. 

  • Employment-The hiring of a beneficiary to work for the MPS.

  • Job Coaching/Training-Provides a variety of services designed to: assess the beneficiary's interests and potential skills; analyze prospective jobs; assist the beneficiary to obtain a job; maintain a job through on-site assistance, one-on-one training on the job site, job retention services for the employer and other workplace supports; and develop a career.

  • Job Placement/Job Placement Assistance Services-Provides job search and job development services designed to help the beneficiary find a job. 

  • Ongoing Employment Support/Job Retention-Provides supports and services designed to assist the beneficiary to maintain his or her job. These job retention strategies may include employer training, use of a job coach and providing worksite or job accommodations.

MPS is your one stop shop for social service’s. We pride ourselves on conquering the barriers many people face; socially, emotionally, psychologically, physically, financially, and spiritually.

     "A need does not have color, it just has a need". CEO- Khamillia Harris




Our mission is to optimize individual’s self-efficiency, by providing superior solutions for at-risk youth, adults, and their families.

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