Response to COVID-19:

To protect the health of our clients and their families, as well as staff, the following safety precautions are being implemented:

Virtual appointments are the preferred method of appointments at this time.

In person appointments will be provided on a case by case basis.

If scheduled for an in person appointment, masks are required. Also 6ft social distancing will be implemented during the appointment.

Hand sanitizer is available in the office and waiting area if you are unable to provide your own.

Sanitizing spray is used before and after each in person appointment on all high contact surfaces including chairs and door handles.

Consent forms are required by all persons attending appointments in office informing you of your risks and responsibilities.

If you are feeling sick, or are exhibiting any symptoms please cancel your in person appointment. Virtual appointments are held in lieu of in person appointments.

If you arrive to your in person appointment and exhibit any symptoms, you will be asked to leave.

COVID-19 response is ongoing and requires adjustment based on the many changing factors of both the response to the pandemic as well as public health mitigation strategies. While the above is a current summary of MPS actions, it will be updated based on additional strategies identified to meet the changing needs of its members, families and community partners.

Thank you for your understanding. Your health and safety are of our highest priority!

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