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Founder: Dr.Khamillia (Kah-me-lah) Harris, PhD, started  Millia Promotional Services (MPS) in 2013. Her consistent efforts in empowering others have always exemplified professionalism. She has exhibited her commitment and dedication in completing her Master’s in Psychology from Grand Canyon University and her Bachelor's in Social Work from Arizona State University and thrives to become a community leader. Dr. Harris accomplished her doctorate from Liberty University spearheading a phenomenal study to support Black Business Owners' access to public contracts. Dr. Harris demonstrates the attributes of a professional and showcases the preferred qualities has great interpersonal communication, and mentoring skills, and works great with others regardless of the personality type. Dr. Harris is a true optimist and it is her positive attitude that helps her accomplish whatever task she envisions.  

Dr. Harris is very compassionate in the field of Human Services and engages in community empowerment through volunteer services. Dr. Harris is a wonderful, energized, and compassionate person always active toward social change for the disadvantaged population. Above all her professional qualities and achievements, the thing that is admire the most about Dr. Harris is that she is a good person. Her helpful nature is not restricted to matters of studies or work. It extends to personal matters too. Dr. Harris is a good listener and this makes people approach her with their problems which she solves with intelligence and care. She is a breath of fresh air with a positive attitude and reminds everyone around her that each person has unique talents to fulfill. Dr. Harris is dedicated to making a difference in the community. Also, she has an intuitive sense of justice to ensure everyone will experience access to a positive transition despite the obstacles against them. She is a true leader and has a deep passion for others' well-being.


Her philosophy is "A need does not have color, it just has a need".


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